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Communication Studies

Develop essential communication skills necessary for success in our society. Central to the communication discipline is the understanding and application of theory required for effective oral and written discourse. Your Communication Arts degree provides a firm foundation to further your career that requires strong communication skills.

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Courses in the major include:

This course will help the student develop and apply the skills necessary to design and deliver an effective and well-organized speech. The course provides instruction in the preparation and delivery of various speech types while developing competencies in the areas of critical thinking, organization of thought, creativity, planning, and public speaking.
This course introduces augmentation as a model of critical thinking. Arguments are analyzed and critiqued to develop skills in reasoning, using evidence, finding fallacious reasoning, and developing counterarguments and rebuttals.
This course provides a wide range of communication theories with a special emphasis on direct application through the introduction of models/concepts designed to improve communication skills in a variety of contexts and communication environments. Competencies in the areas of relationship development, listening, socialization, cognitive processing, and dealing with conflict are addressed. Prerequisite: CA 109
This course explores the profound influences of digital communications on our professional and personal lives. Emphasis is placed on how communication technologies have developed, grown, and converged as well as an overview of wide-ranging disruptions caused by emerging devices, methods, channels, and platforms.

Select eight additional Communication Studies courses or Course Clusters (24 credit hours; 9 hours must be upper-level) from the list below to complete the major requirements.

Major with Emphasis in Mass Media (36 credit hours):

  • CA 109 Oral Communication Skills
  • CA 203 Understanding Mass Media
  • CA 228 Writing for Media
  • CA 323 Public Relations
  • CA 351 Communication in the Digital Age
Select seven additional Communication Studies courses or Course Clusters (21 credit hours) from the list below to complete the major requirements. At least 6 of these hours must be upper-level.

Communication Studies courses:
  • CA 202 Small Group Interaction
  • CA 203 Understanding Mass Media
  • CA 204 Interpersonal Communication
  • CA 228 Writing for Media
  • CA 301 Persuasion
  • CA 303 Nonverbal Communication
  • CA 304 Gender Communication
  • CA 305 Conflict and Communication
  • CA 308 Business Communication
  • CA 310 Communication and Popular Culture
  • CA 315 Health Communication
  • CA 320 Family Communication
  • CA 323 Public Relations
  • CA 325 Organizational Communication
  • CA 358 Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
  • CA 404 Interviewing
  • CA 450 Diversity and Communication
  • CA 451 Health Communication Campaigns
  • CA 452 Issues and Trends in Health Communication
Course Clusters:
  • Communicating for Results
  • Communication in Everyday Life
  • Corporate Communication
  • Effectively Communicating Yourself
  • Perspectives of Human Communication

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