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Sarpy County and Bellevue University are all about giving you the education, tools, and tips you need to be strong and confident in your current position and stage for whatever is next.

Becoming an Elite Leader

SMART Goals help you operate smarter

Take 10: How to earn your bachelor's degree with LITTLE to NO out-of-pocket funds.

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Tools You Can Use to Advance Your Career

Charles Wright, Bellevue University's Director of Undergraduate Admissions, talks about why the University offers free career resources and how to make the most of them.

FREE WEBINAR: Sarpy County's World-Class Education Benefits

Sarpy County's Best-in-Class Education Benefits

FREE Webinar

Watch this free webinar to learn all about your tuition assistance benefits. We'll discuss why we chose Bellevue University as a partner, requirements for eligibility, and how your family members can receive reimbursement, too! Find out how $5,250 can go a long way toward your degree.


FREE Professional Development Webinar

Becoming an Elite Leader

Professional Development Webinar On-Demand

Watch as Jon Markwardt discusses his book, The Grass is Browner, elite leader edition.

Here's what you will learn:
  • The importance of growing your career and becoming indispensable to your company
  • The key to becoming an Elite Leader
  • Six Attributes of Leadership and how anyone can implement them



SMART Goals help you operate smarter.

Download this free poster to keep the keys to SMART Goals in front of you all the time!


Take 10: 10 minute learning break

Take 10: How to earn your bachelor's degree with LITTLE to NO out-of-pocket funds.

Take 10 minutes to learn how affordable your bachelor's degree really is. This free, on-demand webinar covers 9 tips that save you $$$ on your bachelor's degree. That's nearly one tip per minute in this 10-minute webinar.


5 Reasons Why So Many IT Projects Fail

5 Reasons Why So Many IT Projects Fail

Execution is where "the rubber meets the road" as they say. Dr. Emad Rahim, an internationally respected expert on Project Management, and head of Bellevue University's Project Management education, provides a clear and simple summary of what to watch out for on your next project.


FREE Professional Development Webinar

How to Harness the Power of Excellent Communication

Professional Development Webinar

Tune into this interactive webinar recorded on January 18, about the skills that effective communicators use to be influential leaders at work. Led by Jeremy Jones, author of Seven Highly-Effective Communication Skills for the Ultimate Career Advancement. You will learn:

  • How to double your persuasion and influence.
  • How to communicate your most important ideas (almost like mind control).
  • Why people communicate poorly, and the #1 mistake you may be making with dealing with others.


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