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June 4, 2019
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Commissioner Zuger a Role Model for New Sarpy County Partnership

Brian Zugar Sarpy County employees won't have to look hard to find an example of how a Bellevue University education can pay off. County Commissioner Brian Zuger holds two degrees from Bellevue University, including a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and a Master of Public Administration.

Zuger describes himself as a "leadership junkie" and felt his undergraduate program was a great fit.

"I was looking for an education that catered to professionals," he said. "I took both of my degrees online, but it was nice to know that if I ran into an issue I would have a local person to talk to."

When Zuger decided to pursue a master's degree, he selected Bellevue University's MPA program with an eye toward a leadership position with a nonprofit organization.

"I wanted to go to that next level with a nonprofit, that's why the MPA really came into focus for me and I've always been kind of a public-policy junkie," he said.

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